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Paauksuotas medalionas

89 eur

Su paauksuota grandinėle 129 eur




Fairy of Hope is a symbol of hope and faith, a gift for the ones who needs

Faith, Hope and Inspiration.


I honestly believe in a possibility to give and share positive energy and thoughts. Why we keep those old post-cards with best wishes, a piece of paper with “I Love You” dashed hastily or dried blossoms between the book pages – they all remind us the moments we felt happy and loved and these moments are the ones that give us strength when we need it the most.


Fairy of Hope is a gift of hope for the ones who need your best wishes. Wear it yourself and every time you touch it, think of your greatest desire or hug in your thoughts the one who needs your strength.


Gift ideas: for mother, for daughter or sister, best friend's birthday, christening, graduation or just to say Thank You.

The story


Everyone of us have days or periods when all we have is hope and belief. Our daughter Margarita came to this world an with her size could fit into a palm of the hand. Faith and Hope was what we had. She is a real miracle!


All of us need something that keeps our faith, hope and inspiration. I started to sketch various forms of angels. Isn‘t it consequential that the name of the creation was given by Margarita when she asked: „Mom, will you give this Fairy for moms of preemies?“. Indeed, it‘s the Fairies who live in the wood on the moss and that make our dreams come true and for them to fly we need only one thing – Faith.


Fairy of Hope is the one designed with love to give you Hope in any way possible and to strengthen your inner power.


Asta and Margarita

Every medallion is designed and hand made with love by Lithuanian jeweler Jurgita Erminaite. 


Gold plated medallion 

120 eur


Silver medallion 

89 eur


Golden (585) medallion 

229 eur

Jewelry of Hope

Made with love

Packed in a special gift box

with a greeting card

* Free Shipping Europe, USA

for special request


Thank you so much. Fairy of Hope will contact you soon  

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